Renewal & Reinstatement


time to renew


Registrations in West Virginia expire annually on June 30th if they are not renewed.  Registration reminders are mailed and emailed to each architect at his or her last known address in May annually.   Architects are responsible for updating their contact information online or by notifying the Board office.

Online Renewal

Renewals are $75.00 for the new fiscal year and may begin online each year on June 1st by logging into the website and using a credit card.  Architects use the Registrant Login at the top right of the website and enter their certificate numbers and the last four digits of their Social Security Numbers.  While renewing, architects should also check their contact information and update it if necessary. 

Renewal by Mail

The Board also accepts paper renewals and checks payable to the WV Board of Architects.  To be considered on time, all renewals by mail should be postmarked by June 30th.  Below is the link to the annual renewal form.

Late Renewals

Renewals made online or postmarked after June 30th are considered late renewals and are $150.00.  Late renewals may be made online or by paper.  When a renewal is not completed on time, architects become responsible for disclosing any unlicensed practice, which is anything that qualifies as the practice of architecture in West Virginia after the registration expires and before it is renewed. 


Non-renewed registrations are considered inactive.  Inactive architects who have been registered in West Virginia may reinstate their certificates if they pursue reinstatement after one year of being inactive and prior to five years from when their registration expires. 
The following information must be submitted to be considered for reinstatement by the Board:
2. AIA Transcript or Continuing Education Logs documenting the last two calendar years of Continuing Education demonstrating 
   completion of 12 hours in Health, Safety, and Welfare subject in each year
3. A letter to the Board indicating if the applicant has practiced architecture as defined by WV Rules and Laws during the period the
    license was inactive