Candidates for Initial Registration

Before an individual is allowed by law and rule to call oneself an architect in West Virginia, he or she must be registered with the West Virginia Board of Architects.  Candidates desiring to make West Virginia their initial jurisdiction by registering here first must may reviewed West Virginia Rules and Laws to determine eligibility and then submit the following:

1.  NCARB Record demonstrating:

        Transcripts from a NAAB accredited degree program; 
        Verification of Experience (AXP) requirement met;     
        Verification of Passage of all divisions of ARE 5.0.

2.  Completed Application for Initial Registration

3.  Application fee of $100.00 payable to the WV Board of Architects

Once approved by the Board, candidates submit a $50.00 certificate fee and are then registered and assigned a Certificate of Registration.  Once registered, they may call themselves architects in West Virginia. All registrations in West Virginia expire on June 30th annually unless renewed, regardless of when they were issued.  

Why Licensure Matters

The reasons to earn a license to practice architecture are as varied and personal as the path to get there.  Here are just a few benefits of licensure:
Title: Once you’ve earned a license, you can officially call yourself an architect.
Trust: Your license gives firms, clients, and the public confidence in your skills and ability to protect their health, safety, and welfare.
Skills: Completing your education, experience, and examination requirements helps guide you through continuing your professional 
            growth and development.
Advancement: Having a license provides you with greater career opportunities.