Reciprocity with NCARB Certification

Architects outside of West Virginia with a NCARB Certificate who would like to gain reciprocity with West Virginia must do the following:

1. Complete the Uniform Application for Architect Registration (NCARB Form 308);
2. Mail the application with a check payable to the West Virginia Board of Architects for $400 ($100.00 application fee,   
    $250.00 reciprocal fee and $50.00 certificate fee);                         
3. Request NCARB certificate be transmitted to West Virginia; and
4. Review West Virginia’s rules and laws governing the practice of architecture in West Virginia at Rules and Laws.
Mail correspondence to:
West Virginia Board of Architects
405 Capitol Street, Mezzanine Suite 3
Charleston, WV  25301.
Contact Board Office at (304)-558-1406
Please Note:  All registrations in West Virginia expire on June 30th annually, regardless of when the registration was issued.